Yan Goora

Yan Goora Pincode : 119113

Jammu & Kashmir (State)

Ganderbal (District)

Lar (Taluk)

Yan Goora (Village)

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Date & Time in Yan Goora

Date : 09-02-2023

Time : 01:46:32 AM

Time Zone: UTC+05:30 (IST)

About Yan Goora

Yan Goora village comes under Lar taluk in Ganderbal district of Jammu & Kashmir. Pincode of the village is 119113.

The total land area of Yan Goora is around 508.3 hectares (1256.03 acres). which consists of a total household of around 864. the nearest village to Yan Goora is Ganderbal (14 km)

The total population of Yan Goora is around 6380 according to the data from census 2011.In this, Male population is around 3550 and female population comprises of 2830.

Taluk :
District :
State :
Jammu & Kashmir
Land Area :
508.3 hectares (1256.03 acres)
Households :
Nearest Village :
Ganderbal (14 km)
Population :
Male Population
Female Population
Total Population